Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Final thoughts

After a shitty battle to have a nice engine without problems, I traded-in the bike for other brand.

Not sure I will ever buy a HONDA in my life. I was lied all the time by honda mpe. If you call them and ask about oil problems, they never heard of this problem. But all the dealers changed the piston rings and clutch in 2008 models.

They have to learn how to respect the customer.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hmm hope is the last week

I've been invited to see my engine dismantled:

  • intake titanium valves changed (new model)
  • valve stems changed
  • piston rings changed
  • clutch changed (new recall)
What's new:

Because of those 1000km test without completing with oil, the bearings from shaft: fucked up!

New bearings now.

It is very funny because in the book is written to check oil every day!!! Cant be serious. Who does that? And to be even worse: they put a dip-stick. Not a small glass-window to analyze.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Week no.9

I went today to Action MC Parramatta to see if my bike is ready. Supposed to be ready.

In a few words:
  • they will pick up the head+valves today
  • another week to put everything back together
  • who knows when another book for clutch recall
And after three months without my bike:
  • I still pay for insurance
  • I still pay for green slip
  • I still pay for financing
Thursday I have appointment to a solicitor. Will see.

The only good news is Rapid Bikes magazine published my e-mail about this problem.

Some friends of mine called Honda to ask them about oil problem. They don't recognize:
We don't have ANY problems with the oil.

Ya right, and the forums are full of topics with this issue.

Everything is about money!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Week no.7

Tomorrow will be week no. 7 without my motorcycle.

I've called ActionMC today to ask about status.

They are following HondaMPE instructions to mount titanium valves also. I thought the bike had already titanium valves...

1. they told me only piston rings will take 2 weeks
2. after that they were waiting for a gasket :)
3. after that, valve stems
4. now: valves. And even worse: not available in Australia. There are in Japan. When valves will be here? Who knows? Long live to honda customer service!

I wander what's next!

During this time I am paying for regio, insurance, financing.. etc, without enjoying the bike. Summer is almost gone.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My new CBR1000RR 2008

What motorbike to choose?

In 2008, on my Birthday I wanted a nice present. I chose a motorcycle.

Didn't know what to choose exactly between CBR1000RR and ZX10R. I like Kawa (owned a ZX9R and now I have a ZX6R), but I also like Honda.

I've had 2 Honda's before:

1986 CB450S - sold it when it had about 90.000 km
Very nice motorbike for a beginner. I have done many trips with this one.

1993 Honda900RR (893cc). The BEST bike I ever had!
Very nice and comfortable bike.
I used it for a nice ride to Chernobyl.

Blog with Chernobyl trip:

Because of a generally good impression about these models and my friends suggestion "Honda is Honda", I bought a brand new CBR1000RR from Action Parramatta (Australia).

I wanted to keep Kawasaki for daily use (job-home-shopping) and Honda for weekend rides with my friends.

In 2-3 Days, I had my motorbike ready and I parked it next to my Kawasaki ZX6R.

HRCA is organizing trips each month.

I am present at most of them because they are very nice people to ride with and HRCA is doing a great job organizing these trips.

During these trips, I checked the oil level (like I did for every bike I've had). I noticed on the dip-stick the oil level was going down with each 100km.

My Kawasaki has about 72.000 km and oil consumption is about 250ml / 1000km; which I consider normal for its age.

After the first 1000km service, I noted how much oil I completed and the mileage. The surprise was to find out the oil consumption for a BRAND NEW CBR1000RR: 1000ml/1000km (1 liter / 1000km). That is HUGE.

I started to think maybe I have done something wrong:

  • Run-in procedure: according to Honda manual: SLOW and NICE
  • Bike riding: no race track, normal riding
  • Oil used: Action Parramatta recommended oil
  • Oil check method: according to Honda manual
I have noticed two problems:
  • Heat shield is getting white from heat
  • The exhaust is BLACK from fumes and burned oil
First thing to do was to go to the dealer, Action Motorcycles, and tell them about these problems.

After they called Honda MPE, they changed the oil I had with Honda Genuine Oil + Honda Oil Filter.
Following the Honda instructions I've had to run a 1000km test without touching the oil.

My issues:
  • I check oil all the time and I complete when necessary. Running 1000km without completing the level is not normal for me. But I will submit.
  • No fix about heat shield
  • This bike supposed to be a WEEKEND bike. I have to do 1000km on my expenses and add Km to motorcycle because Honda wants to do a test.
I started the test. During this test I looked over the internet about this oil consumption problems. Guess what? I was not the only one!

I've found similar problems all over the world.
Reading these posts and many others I've found out Honda was aware about this oil consumption problem and already changed some motorcycles around Sydney.

1000Km are done

After some trips and riding every day, Km number 1000 is on the trip meter. Action Parramatta checked the oil level and indeed it was 1000ml/1000km! They called HondaMPE again and AGAIN honda recommended another 1000km.

Now I am pissed off. Another 1000km? On my expenses? On my WEEKEND bike?

Another 1000km are done

Action Parramatta called HondaMPE again about the same results and their answer was:
The bike will be fixed by changing the piston rings.

My issues:
  • I have bought a BRAND NEW motorcycle without any intention to disassemble it
  • This motorcycle was assembled in Japan. It will never be the same if it is dismantled and put back together again
  • During these two 1000km test, the oil level was LOW. I don't know what else was damaged. For sure the motorcycle life was shortened by these tests and now even more by changing the piston rings at 4000km!!!
  • I have the motorcycle in service for over a month and I am still paying the regio, insurance and financing for a motorcycle I cannot use. I'm glad I have the Kawasaki.
I have lodged a complaint to Consumer Affair and if Honda will not do something to resolve this problem, I will go to court.

Everyone told me about how good Honda service and customer support is. Sorry about this but they are a big disappointment to me. I lost a lot of money with this motorcycle. Should have bought the Kawasaki.

What now?

Well, until my problem will be solved (new bike), I will post on every forum where I will found reviews about Honda CBR1000RR 2008 model, about this oil problem.