Friday, March 20, 2009

Week no.9

I went today to Action MC Parramatta to see if my bike is ready. Supposed to be ready.

In a few words:
  • they will pick up the head+valves today
  • another week to put everything back together
  • who knows when another book for clutch recall
And after three months without my bike:
  • I still pay for insurance
  • I still pay for green slip
  • I still pay for financing
Thursday I have appointment to a solicitor. Will see.

The only good news is Rapid Bikes magazine published my e-mail about this problem.

Some friends of mine called Honda to ask them about oil problem. They don't recognize:
We don't have ANY problems with the oil.

Ya right, and the forums are full of topics with this issue.

Everything is about money!

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