Friday, March 20, 2009

Week no.9

I went today to Action MC Parramatta to see if my bike is ready. Supposed to be ready.

In a few words:
  • they will pick up the head+valves today
  • another week to put everything back together
  • who knows when another book for clutch recall
And after three months without my bike:
  • I still pay for insurance
  • I still pay for green slip
  • I still pay for financing
Thursday I have appointment to a solicitor. Will see.

The only good news is Rapid Bikes magazine published my e-mail about this problem.

Some friends of mine called Honda to ask them about oil problem. They don't recognize:
We don't have ANY problems with the oil.

Ya right, and the forums are full of topics with this issue.

Everything is about money!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Week no.7

Tomorrow will be week no. 7 without my motorcycle.

I've called ActionMC today to ask about status.

They are following HondaMPE instructions to mount titanium valves also. I thought the bike had already titanium valves...

1. they told me only piston rings will take 2 weeks
2. after that they were waiting for a gasket :)
3. after that, valve stems
4. now: valves. And even worse: not available in Australia. There are in Japan. When valves will be here? Who knows? Long live to honda customer service!

I wander what's next!

During this time I am paying for regio, insurance, financing.. etc, without enjoying the bike. Summer is almost gone.